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Testimonials: inside sales


I recently filed a replacement claim for three MIWD 1650's which seals had failed. My initial company contact was very helpful in explaining the review process and necessary documentation. I completed the forms and forwarded them to Customer Care the same day. You responded, acknowledging receipt and advising that my claim was under review. I was prepared for the typical bureaucratic delay, demanding additional documentation, photographs, blood type, mother's maiden name, yada, yada, yada....
Combined with the late February snowstorm, I was prepared for a month-long wait.

Given that, you can imagine my surprise when FedEx rang the doorbell late afternoon, March 5th,with the first window. The final two assemblies arrived yesterday, March 9th. All three windows installed easily, and the view into the tree line is once again unobstructed. You and your team have knocked it out of the park! Thanks to all for delivering superior customer service, and for standing behind your product. MIWD has gained a "customer for life."

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K. Lynch

Service was provided in the highest degree of excellence in all categories. I am very pleased with the process from MI windows. Everyone was very helpful and most efficient. I have been able to give the highest recommendation to other homeowners. I cannot thank you enough for being so accommodating in resolving this matter.

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