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My city requested that I have tempered glass windows. Is this code for southern California? Or does this meet the safety glass minimal standard?

Local jurisdiction always is the last word for tempered requirements for safety glass.

I would guess these windows are made with standard annealed glass (which is not safety glass) and they are too close to the floor, in a bathroom, or near a swinging door. The inspector will be able to clarify what the issue is and a dealer in the area should be able to quote the price for replacement tempered glass panels plus the labor to install them.

Ask yourself these questions about a window you are putting in. If the answer is YES, then tempered – or safety glass is required.

Is the window less than 18 inches from the floor?
Is it a patio door?
Is it a large window more than 9 square feet?
Is the window in a bathroom and close to the bathtub?
Is the window within 3 feet of a door?
Is the actual top of the window within 3 feet of the floor?

But always check your local building codes and your local dealer who will be aware of what these are.

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