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Your EnergyCore brochure refers to TMAX glass. Do you have information on visual transmittance information on TMAX?

At MI Windows and Doors we offer a variety of glass types to meet different requirements.

Considerations includes climate, sound control, UV protection, and enhanced security.

We offer many different glass types and packages including double and triple pane, and  laminated glass, but here are our main three offferings:


TMAX HE™ - TMAX High Efficiency includes double strength LoE 70/36 glass (70% visible light and 0.36 SHGC) with Argon gas is designed for northern climates with increased heating requirements. Meets ENERGY STAR requirements for North and North Central Zones.


TMAX SC™ - TMAX Solar Control includes double strength High Performance LoE 55/27 glass (55% visible light and 0.27 SHGC) and is designed for southern climates with significant cooling and glare-reduction requirements. Meets ENERGY STAR requirements for South and South Central Zones.


TMAX ALL ZONE™ - TMAX All Zone includes Triple Coated LoE 66/27 glass (66% visible light and 0.27 SHGC) and delivers the ideal balance of solar control and high visibility. It blocks 95% of the sun's damaging ultraviolet rays and meets ENERGY STAR requirements for All Zones.

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