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I live in the dry south west and constantly battle dust and wind coming through my windows. Are my windows faulty? What can I do to prevent and control the dirt?

Even when closed and locked, all operational window and door products can experience air infiltration because the operating component is designed for movement (i.e. the operational sash). Air infiltration occurs as air under pressure enters the home, which may occur through certain points on a locked window. Dust infiltration is found at these operating points.

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I am having new windows installed in my home. How can I make sure we don't run into issues caused by installation errors?

The key to proper window installation is to think beyond the actual act of installing. There are steps you can take both before and after the installation to ensure proper function and performance of your windows. 

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My windows have storm windows. I am looking at replacing these windows with new ENERGY STAR qualified windows, but they don’t have a storm window. Does not having a storm window reduce their efficiency?

ENERGY STAR qualified windows are designed with multiple panes of glass and specialty gas fills, which create an even more effective barrier within the window itself.

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As I look at your patio door configurations, what is the difference between the "OXXO" and the "XIIX"? We are wanting to have our patio doors open all the way to one side or the other.

The X Panel signifies an operating panel. This panel can only slide to the left or right and has a handle to open the door on it.

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Window measurements seem confusing. Is a 3050 window 3 feet by 5 feet or 30 inches by 50 inches?

Our measurements for new construction windows are in feet. For example, the 3050 stock size would be 3 ft x 5 ft or 36"x60". The size guides can be found for some of our new construction products on our website.

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