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Glass Information

At MI Windows and Doors we offer a variety of glass types to meet different requirements. Considerations includes climate, sound control, UV protection, and enhanced security.

TMAX HE™ - (Available in Western U.S.) - TMAX High Efficiency includes double strength LoE 70/36 glass (70% visible light and 0.36 SHGC) with Argon gas is designed for northern climates with increased heating requirements. Meets ENERGY STAR requirements for North and North Central Zones.

TMAX SC™ - (Available in Western U.S.) - TMAX Solar Control includes double strength High Performance LoE 55/27 glass (55% visible light and 0.27 SHGC) and is designed for southern climates with significant cooling and glare-reduction requirements. Meets ENERGY STAR requirements for South and South Central Zones.

ClimaGuard Low E 71/38 - (Available in Eastern U.S.) is glass for all seasons. It insulates in the winter, blocks heat in the summer, and makes homes more comfortable and energy efficient all year long.

ClimaGuard Low E 55/27 - (Available in Eastern U.S.) blocks up to 65% more solar heat than ordinary clear glass. Natural sunshine adds beauty to any home. But it can also add heat and glare. Closing blinds or drapes can help, but that will eliminate the natural sunshine. And with rising energy costs, cranking up the AC isn’t the most economical or eco-friendly thing to do. ClimaGuard 55/27 allows natural light to brighten a home while keeping much of the sun’s heat outside. It also minimizes glare and reduces eyestrain without overly darkening rooms.  (Energy savings data from Guardian.  Click here for more information)

ClimaGuard Low E 63/31 - (Available in Eastern U.S.) provides balanced performance for regions with both heating and cooling requirements. A lower U-factor provides superior insulating performance during cold nights and a lower solar heat gain coefficient provides relief from the intense heat of the sun. This combination reduces both heating and cooling costs. MI Windows and Doors uses this Low E to meet building code in North Carolina and Georgia.

Insulated Glass is formed when two or more pieces of glass are spaced apart and sealed to form a single-glazed unit with an air space in between the two pieces of glass. This air space creates insulation for the window, keeping heat inside the home during cold weather.

Laminated Glass is created by joining two or more pieces of glass together with an inner layer of transparent plastic.

ClimaGuard LamiGlass™ blocks 99.9% of UV rays and offers superior Sound Transmission Class (STC) and Outdoor-Indoor Transmission Class (OITC) ratings to reduce sound transfer through the glass to help keep a quiet home. ClimaGuard LamiGlass also protects homeowners by increasing intruder resistance and preserving window integrity after most impacts. See Guardian site for more information

Low E Glass is a low emissivity glass that has a transparent coating on it. This coating acts as a thermal mirror, as it reflects radiant heat and allows the passage of visible light. In hot climates, Low E glass reflects solar heat, keeping the inside of your home cooler. In cold climates, Low E glass reflects the radiant heat back into the house, keeping your home warm. Cooling and heating costs are ultimately reduced, as the Low E keeps your house comfortable during both the winter and summer seasons.

Obscure Glass is used for privacy, decoration or light diffusion. A design is pressed into the glass during the rolling process and this design makes the glass translucent, allowing light to pass through, but creating a blurred surface.

Tempered Glass is reheated to a temperature right below its melting point and is then cooled quickly. This process makes the glass much stronger than regular glass. Tempered glass is designed to spread force and break into many smaller pieces upon impact.

Tinted Glass reduces both visual and radiant transmittance in the window. It reduces heat transfer, as it filters out ultraviolet light. The tint is created when a mineral called Admixture is added to the glass.