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Frequently Asked Questions

Is a WOCD (Window Operating Control Device) available on the MI EnergyCore windows?

Yes.  The WOCD is available as a factory installed option on the double hung window.  On the XO slider and single hung the WOCD is externally mounted and is installed in the field.

In a hot climate like Arizona, how much of my cooling bill is dependent on my windows?

According to the APS (Arizona Public Service), windows account for about 50 percent of the load placed on a cooling system.

I have received my measuring form, what do I need to do now? How will I know if I measured correctly?

If you have questions or concerns on measuring, please go to our video library on the website.  You will find videos that will assist you with measuring.  If you have a form, please complete it in its entirety (i.e. color, grids, quantity, etc.) so that we can ensure correct ordering of the product.  The forms also include measuring instructions and all orders are checked for accuracy.

How much can I save by switching out my old windows with new energy efficient windows?

This will vary upon several factors, but APS has calculated some basic figures based on the APS Standard Plan. See the chart below for an estimate.

More information from APS