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Technical Information

Thermal Chart with STC numbers - West EnergyCore Windows and Doors  View PDF

MI EnergyCore Window Thermal Performance and STC Rating
Includes U-Values, SHGC, VLT, STC Ratings
Includes windows and French Rail Patio Door

EnergyCore Mulling Instructions  View PDF

Structural Mulling Instructions

MI EnergyCore Egress Charts  View PDF

MI EnergyCore Egress Charts
As of 07-29-2013

MI EnergyCore Architectural Resource Directory  View PDF

The MI EnergyCore Architectural Resource Directory is designed to accommodate the process of product review, selection, and preparation of specifications and construction details. You will find technical design data, performance specifications, glass configurations, and installation application details.
As of 12-6-13

MI EnergyCore Windows CSI 3 Part Specification - ZIP File  View PDF

The purpose of this document is to aid the specifier to correctly specify the MI EnergyCore™ Window System and its installation. This document follows Construction Specifications Institute MasterFormat 2004 Section numbers and titles. Word 2007 Document with Hidden Specifier Notes.
As of 12-6-13