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Window measurements seem confusing. Is a 3050 window 3 feet by 5 feet or 30 inches by 50 inches?

Our measurements for new construction windows are in feet. For example, the 3050 stock size would be 3 ft x 5 ft or 36"x60".

The size guides can be found for some of our new construction products on our website. For replacement windows, we do not have stock sizes and all of the measurements are in inches. If you see a replacement window size of 28x42, that would be 28"x42".

Both of these measurement listings are pretty much industry standard.

Note:  If your existing windows have a nail fin, the size of the window does not include the fin. It is the tip to tip frame size. On most vinyl windows, the fin extends 1 ½” past the frame all the way around the window, so to find the tip to tip fin size you would add 3” to the frame size.

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