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MIWD Installs New Shrink Wrap Packaging System

Prescott Valley, AZ - MI Windows and Doors, one of America’s leading window and door manufacturers, installed a new state-of-the-art shrink wrap packing system in it Prescott Valley, Az, factory to protect its energy-efficient windows during the shipping process.

The unique packaging solution will ensure that MI EnergyCore Windows arrive to the job site with the same high quality that they leave the factory in Prescott Valley, Arizona. 

The state-of-the-art shrink wrap packing system is made by EDL Packaging Engineers, who has been making packaging systems for over 40 years in Green Bay, WI.

The energy-efficient windows go through a multi-stage process that wraps the window panels in heavy duty polyethylene film. Once the windows are loaded into the packaging system, the window panel is controlled throughout the wrapping process to produce a tight, stable and transparent package.

A low tension feed-on-demand film delivery system consistently delivers the required film sleeve around the product. Then the edges are cut and set with a Teflon® coated constant heat seal bar that is heated to over 600 degrees. Then the window enters the shrink tunnel, where a directable air flow ensures uniform film shrinkage. After exiting the shrink tunnel, a film cooler sets the film prior to handling in order to maintain package integrity.

"The new packaging system will add incremental value to our products as they will have an additional level of protection while they ship to our customers," states Andy Mortagne, the Assistant Plant Manager, who is in charge of the process.

The new custom shrink wrap packaging system is just one more reason that the MI EnergyCore Window System is Beautifully Innovative.

You can see a video of the shink wrap machine in action at the factory in the Video Library.

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